Personal Insurance

We carry multiple companies which better enables us to give you auto and home coverage for a great price.

Business Insurance

We are great at helping you protect the business that you worked so hard to build.  Our products & services are the best around!

Life Insurance

We can help protect your family and help you prepare for the worst, whether it might occur today or far in the future.

Financial Services

We can help develop a plan that is designed for you- how you live, all the things you want to do, and all of the things you haven’t thought of yet.

Mike's customer service, when there is a problem, gives a totally different meaning to the word insurance.

Jim L.

I just love Masters Insurance! When I needed supplemental health insurance coverage and didn't know what to do, Masters Insurance discussed the options with me and helped me get the coverage I needed.

Joyce K.

I was sitting in the intersection, a little dazed. I had missed the red light and another car slammed into mine. First, I called 911. Then I called Mike Masters. While I was still in the car, he called a wrecker, made sure I was not injured, and even arranged for a rental car. Before I even got out of the car, Mike Masters had the wheels turning to make me whole again.

Nancy R.

I'll never forget June 6th, of 2011. My husband, Bob was working on one of our collector cars in our new barn when the gas tank caught on fire. Thank heavens he escaped safely. But the fire spread, taking our two collectors cars, the barn, and the rest of its contents. Not long after the fire department, Mike Masters arrived. He spent the entire day reassuring us, comforting us and arranging to make things right. Our loss was covered, but more importantly Mike Masters made sure we were emotionally okay too.

Patricia K.