Here is a timeline of the history of Masters Insurance:

  • 7/1/96        Mike Masters opens Masters Insurance Agency
  • 7/1/02        Acquired the Alexandria book of business
  • 12/1/07      Acquired Bybee Insurance Agency of Anderson
  • 6/1/08        Acquired LA Brown Insurance Agency of Fort Wayne
  • 8/1/09        Acquired Vardaman Insurance Agency in Columbia City
  • 12/1/09      Acquired Bob Stemmler Insurance Agency in Fort Wayne
  • 5/1/11        Acquired White River Insurance
  • 2/1/12        Acquired Capital Insurance and Financial Services
  • 5/1/12        Acquired Bruce Swafford Insurance Agency in Anderson
  • 1/1/13        Acquired Kemerly Insurance Agency in Middletown
  • 5/1/15        Acquired EJ Grider Insurance Agency in Fort Wayne
  • 10/1/15      Acquired Virtue Insurance Agency in Fort Wayne
  • 10/1/15      Acquired Talon Harrell Insurance Agency in Fort Wayne
  • 3/1/19        Acquired Northern Insurance

We have enjoyed a steady growth over the past 20 years and look forward to serving you in the years to come!